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Samantha is a powerful healer. During each session with her so much shifts. This is very deep work and I feel the effects of it immediately – clarity, lightness and vision all come through as a result of our work together. She's also very good at explaining what is happening as she works through your body – energetic and physical. This is incredible medicine and it is such an honour to receive it.

AB - Love and Relationships Coach, London UK

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1:1 session:  Sam holds you so gently in this healing space, and with grace and wisdom guides you back towards a place of wholeness and peace. A wonderful experience! I entered the next week with a whole new perspective.

Group session:  It was so special to connect together in this healing journey. I really felt the boundaries between us dissolve as Sam guided us on our way. A beautiful opportunity to experience how, if we enter the flow, we can be safely held, and help to heal each other.

JR - NHS Speech and Language Therapist, London, UK

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The energy healing session I received from Sam was pretty amazing!  I could easily perceive how energies were being dynamised and blockages cleared.  I felt as if the movements were taking place on many different levels.  During and in the end, I felt very deeply relaxed, purified and harmonised.  This technique she uses is really effective and I really recommend this treatment.

MH - Yoga Teacher and Psychiatrist, London UK

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5 star healing! Sam’s healing is a true experience with lasting results. Before the healing I was suffering with pain in my thyroid and other parts of my body due to specific health conditions. During the healing I actually felt physical manifestation of the healing as it was going through my body! It was an amazing experience and after the healing the pain was gone and on top of that I felt a lot stronger, like I could take on the world! Sam is worth every penny, cause nothing is worth more than a healthy mind and body!

BM - Agile Scrum Master, Basingstoke UK

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Samantha is a very caring person and this shines through in her healing work.  During our healing session Samantha made me feel very relaxed and at ease and talked me through everything she was doing.  I had some great lasting results from the session and after felt very calm and grounded.  I would highly recommend Samantha and look forward to our next session.

MS - Builder, Essex, UK

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I am feeling really good and positive, the (most recent) session we had really helped to lift me out of a hole. I walked in feeling quite depressed & isolated, and walked out feeling lighter and more connected. That feeling of being part of something larger has persisted and is helping me to cope with the low mood & energy from the medicines I am on.


Thanks ever so much for all your help. It has really made a difference to my life.

AK - Digital Marketing Executive, London UK

Going through the Phoenix Process with Dr Sam was MAGICAL and EMPOWERING. I gained clarity on what was REALLY going on for me, I felt energised to fix my own problems. I started to see what it meant to love and heal myself

KK - Family Doctor, Leicester UK

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I was a little skeptical when I first considered trying this form of therapy, but there was definitely something within me that needed to try something different. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Sam was amazing.  She explained how the session would work, told me that I may or may not feel anything during it and so we began.   Throughout the session, Sam at times explained where there were areas of concern and focused me on the parts of my body.  I felt relaxed and chilled out throughout.  At the end, I didn't feel anything that was specifically different and over the next few days again there wasn't a huge change. 

However, looking back, there was definitely a huge change! 

I felt lighter, more relaxed and chilled out and there were certain aspects of my life that I was stuck in that really opened up!  Not only did I notice the changes, but friends and family commented on the difference.  I would highly recommend Sam - she is excellent and I am already looking forward to further sessions!

SG - NHS Respiratory Physician, London UK

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I have known Sam to be an extraordinary and very knowledgeable woman and healer but her energy healing sessions quite literally blew me away. I received a session from her as I was going through a rough time, feeling physically, mentally and emotionally low as I was recovering from an illness. We arranged a long-distance session over the phone and as I was just lying down relaxing I could immediately feel her in my energy body, working gently through all major body systems and organs, releasing stuck energies and opening them to receive deeply. My second session came at a time of rest and relaxation and it felt just as powerful and uplifting though, leaving me in a state of deep nourishment, openness and flow. As a physician, Sam has a solid grounding in Western medicine and at the same time she is also deeply connect to the higher realms, channeling pure and powerful healing and holding space so beautifully. On top of that she is an absolute gift to be around! I couldn't recommend her enough, thank you Sam!!

KL - Yoga teacher and Advertising Executive, Nuremburg, Germany