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Dr. Samantha Wellappili


Medical Doctor, Lifestyle and Nutrition Specialist, Coach, Author, Yoga Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner

My Expertise


Self Worth Mentor, Healer, Medical Doctor, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, Nutritionist, Yoga therapist and Meditation facilitator

Dr Samantha Wellappili is an inspiring mentor who supports smart women to awaken by connecting to the spiritual heart to discover rock solid self-love and worthiness without years of therapy and reliving the past. 


Part 1

She brings a wealth of experience in family medicine plus her work with countless successful women who seemed to “have it all” yet struggled with anxiety and feelings of not being good enough. She has over 10 years of experience in the co-creation of deeply rooted self worth and loving connection with the Self.

Part 2

Samantha has worked with leading health professionals, corporate groups and high-flying women around the globe and this has led her to hone her skills to guide smart, successful women who find themselves unhappy, disillusioned and at a transition point with the Life and Soul Medicine methodology to find their spark again, that worthiness and purpose that provides clarity and lights the way forward.

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Part 3

Samantha left her thriving career as a family doctor in London because she understood the pain of not living her truth, living according to the expectations of others, and working in a conventional system that did not allow for the spiritual element of each person to be honoured for its vital role in health.


Yoga & Meditation Practice

After a life-changing experience, she spent time travelling and studying in Asia and the Americas, and with support from incredible teachers, she stepped into her mission to help smart women to release the self-doubt and old patterns to find their own, rock solid, self-worth and ability to love themselves unconditionally by founding Life and Soul Medicine. She is passionate about mentoring her clients to discover their sacred self-worth, rooted in the heart, and so allowing this fundamental quality to form the bedrock for harmony in relationships, career and family.